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First Game This Saturday
by posted 12/02/2021

 Game Information 
Date:  12/04/2021
Type:  Game 
Division:  4th Grade - West 
Event:  Reading 4 Black vs. Burlington Red 
Coolidge MS in Reading

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by posted 11/23/2021

Please visit the Merrimack Valley Youth Basketball website to find our schedule.

This is the definitive schedule and will be updated whenever necessary.

  • http://www.mvbasketball.com/
  • Click on the Team Information header

  • Then choose our team from the drop down menu to the right:

  • Our team is in the following division: 4th Grade - West - Burlington Red
  • Click Schedule on the left menu:

  • I recommend linking your calendar to the feed using the menu to the right:

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Team Update
by posted 11/06/2021

Goals for Next Week's Practices

Focus on Dribbling and Ball Handling

After spending some time with the team, it's clear that we need to focus on key basics in order to play well once the season starts.  Our primary area of focus right now will be dribbling and ball handling.

Please make sure your child has a quality 28.5" basketball in excellent condition.  Please make sure they have a good ball by next practice.  Avoid bringing worn, outdoor used balls to practice.

Skills are a challenge to develop, and much harder without the right equipment.  I recommend an indoor ball with a composite cover.  Avoid outdoor rubber balls.  Please reach out to me if you'd like recommendations.

Homework: Dribbling Instructional Video

Please watch this video with your child and encourage them to practice at home.  A garage or basement makes a great place to practice dribbling during the cold weather.  Indoor practice also prevents damage to the ball we'll use during practice.  If practicing outdoors, I recommend an outdoor ball in addition to the ball you'll bring to practice.

How To Dribble A Basketball For Beginners! Basketball Basics


Importance of Following Coaches' Instructions and Listening During Practice

We have a great group of kids, but there's always room for improvement to maximize our practice time.

Please remind your children that we have a lot to cover in practice in the few weeks before games start.  We need to minimize delays and distractions in order to prepare the team to play well once the season starts.

With a large roster, allocating play time is a challenge.  Behavior and effort will be a key part of allocating play time, not just skills.


Next practice is Tuesday, 6PM at MSMS


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Asst Coach 
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